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Frequently Asked Questions


Read below to find out about frequently asked Statis Pro Baseball Online questions. If you don't find your answer on this page go to the Contact page and send us an email.


What is Statis Pro Baseball Online?


Statis Pro Baseball Online (SPBO) is a PC version of the Statis Pro Baseball board game. It plays exactly like the old board game except you view the player cards, keep score and flip cards with the computer program. SPBO does not replace the coaching aspect, you are still the manager as you make lineups, decide player substitutions and strategy. SPBO is very easy to learn but instructions are included with the install of the game if needed.


What are the system requirements?


Statis Pro Baseball runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. It will more than likely work with versions of Windows newer than Windows 8 but it has not been tested. Download and play the free demo first before purchasing if you aren't sure if it is compatible. It does not need a powerful PC with a fast graphics card. It does NOT work on mac and there are no plans for a mac version.


How much does the full version cost? Is that a lifetime subscription?


The full version is only $25 and the fee is mostly to keep the website going. Once you buy the game you will not have to pay for it again. You can download free updates of the game, however any new season data is $8/season.


How do I keep score?


To keep score all you have to do is simply left click in the box of the player that is up to bat. A popup window will appear and you select one of the options. The "---" is a general out call. If you want more detailed out calls you can actually change the popup menu. In the config folder there is a file called ScoreKey.txt. Just open it up and add whatever want like F8, G4, L5....anything.


Can I print the scoresheet?


Yes you can. After the game click on the view scoresheet menu. The scoresheet appears and you can scroll around to view it. When you print it it looks nearly identical to a statis pro baseball scoresheet.


Can I create my own players?


The player creator in SPBO allows you to create a player and add him to any teams roster. If there is a rookie that you want to make just plug his stats into the player creator and you can use him in your next game.


Can I create my own Custom teams?


Yes you can. You can edit the "Teams.txt" file in the Data folder to create whatever team names you want. You can even change the name of their stadium and city. If you're good with Photoshop you can even get some templates from the members area to create a custom logo for your team.


Can I save my game stats?


Sure you can! That's what makes SPBO great for playing seasons or leagues. After the game you can view the scoresheet and theres a button on that page for saving the game stats. You can even import them into SPBO's StatMaster and view your total stats for the year!


Why doesn't the game do automatic chart lookups, figure SR/RR and populate the scoresheet itself?


That is a tall order to program a game with that kind of intelligence but even more importantly it would take away from playing Statis Pro Baseball. The more you automate it the more it becomes any other game where you click a button and watch the computer do everything. This way it keeps you in the game and like playing a board game you stay busy keeping score and making substitutions. Every effort was made to try to replicate a Statis Pro Baseball board game and make it playable online.


What are teamsheets and why do they only have 15 pitchers and 15 batters?


Teamsheets are used for viewing a paper copy of your team during the game. Or you can print them out and cut them out to play with the old board game. The reasoning behind having only 15 players on each sheet was that a regular baseball roster only has 25 guys so 30 (15+15) should be plenty. That doesn't mean there's only 15 batters on each team. All the teams have full rosters but only 15 batters and pitchers are on the teamsheets. The players with the most at bats and innings pitched are on the teamsheets. The others are on the roster and can be put on a teamsheet by creating your own in the Create Teamsheets menu. Think of it as the other players are in the minors, when you want to call them up just make a new teamsheet. You may have 5 different sheets for one team.


I don't have Excel can I still create teamsheets?


Unfortunately you cannot. Excel is a pretty common application but a little pricey so some people don't have it. The free Open Office application like Excel is not compatible with SPBO.


Would SPBO work for leagues?


It's great for leagues. You can play online or play face-to-face with the team sheets and the board game. SPBO has a stat engine called StatMaster that can store your league stats. It shows standings with games back, game results (score), sortable batting statistics and sortable pitching statistics.


How do you play online?


Although it is not necessary to play online, SPBO was designed with online play in mind. The best way to play is with a free web application called Skype. Skype enables you to make (FREE)internet calls to others online. You have to download the software and sign up (both free) to get a username and thats how others find you. You decline access to anybody so you're not bothered all the time. Once both players are on Skype one of the players shares his screen and the other can view this gamescreen. The player who starts the game controls all the game play. The other watches and gives commands on how his team will play. Visit Skype's website for more information.


What are the requirements for Skype and online play?


You will need a broadband internet connection to play online. Cable or DSL will be fine. You will also want to buy a headset so you can chat on Skype. When connected to Skype you can send files (teamsheets or rosters) to the other player, chat during the game and watch the game as the other player shares his desktop. It's wise to send your custom game files (teamsheets, rosters) to the other player (through Skypes file sharing) before you make a call or audio chat. When you are chatting through Skype the file sharing slows down considerably. The best way to do it is start a chat with the player, if you both agree to play, send him your custom files, once he receives the files then give him a Skype call and play.


Are there going to be other seasons available?


Yes, any season from 1923 to the last completed season is available upon request for $8. The season also includes Pennant Race data so you can play Pennant Race along with SPBO. The newest season is usually available a few days after the season is completed.


What's in the members area and how do I get in there?


When you purchase SPBO you will be given a password to the members area where you can download the full version of the game. After you have downloaded the game you will only need to access the Google SPBO members area. From that site You can download custom game files, templates to create team logos and templates to create your own teams. The Google SPBO members area also has a message board that you can use for your league, a calendar to put your league schedule on and a guestbook so you can find players to play face-to-face or online. The members area will constantly be updated with the newest files.


I found a bug in the game, how can I get it fixed?


Hopefully there aren't any bugs in the game but if there is make sure to email and give a detailed explanation of what you did to create the bug. The more detailed the better the chance is of getting it fixed quickly. Once it is fixed there will be a new (free) download in the members area.

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